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Buhari’s Next level…lest we fade in the chorus

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Muhammadu Buhari is perhaps one of the most misunderstood Presidents of Nigeria. Cynics project a rigid moralism upon him but that is because he has affected such; politically expedient Buhari, however, seeks to dispel notions of his perceived intolerance and disregard for rule of law by adopting an administrative tenderness alien to him.

That tenderness, mutates atrociously, thus making him pander to expediences that sometimes, portray him as ‘insensitive’ as occasioned by the herdsmen killings, then ‘clueless’ or ‘lethargic’ as he had been described in certain quarters, particularly in the first few months of his tenure.

However, Buhari has metamorphosed in the estimation of his most virulent critics, from ‘Baba Go-Slow,’ who took several months to pick his cabinet, to all shades of character.

Every action and utterance of Buhari attracts criticism, thus like his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, he unwittingly becomes the P***hline of every comedian and publicity junkie’s tripe on public stage or social media.

Comedy skits alluding to widespread discontent with his second term dream, currently flood the social media but to these, Camp Buhari responds with witty ripostes and poetry of his successes, mostly ‘remarkable firsts.’

Whatever the arguments for and against him, Buhari will contest the 2019 presidential election dreaming of victory. Unlike his rivals, he seeks redemption, or rather ‘to redeem Nigeria,’ to echo Buhari-speak.

Buhari seeks redemption because he is a casualty of unfinished purpose, an unfulfilled mission, a life not fully lived. But does anyone fully lives?

His first term, barely six months to an end, is a whirlpool of tragedy, conflicts and mixed blessings. Had it not been for the precious months he spent fighting off an illness, he could have done more…achieved more, argues a spirited segment of his camp. There are others who would gleefully reel out, perceived feats and progress, achieved on his watch.

On the flipside, critics of Buhari, mostly People’s Democratic Party (PDP) members and hitherto apathetic sections of the populace, would cynically tell you that Buhari failed and it is time to ‘change his Change.’

The blame for such notion should be shared by the President and his team. While Buhari set to work, frantically seeking to make up for the months he spent incapacitated by illness, his cabinet devoted time and resources to editing out familiar ugliness experienced on his watch rather than own it and explain progressive measures been taken to mitigate impact of such happenstances.

Several aides and associates of the President, for instance, wasted quality time editing out of his first term narrative, the brute reality that Nigeria faces on their watch, if they are not blaming it on the locust years in which the country bore the affliction of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Perhaps Buhari could not bear to live with the ‘consequences’ of a Nigeria without him at the helm, come 2019, if truly, there would be ‘consequences.’ Perhaps his spirited bid to govern Nigeria for another four years is meant to correct perceived misinterpretations of his inactions in matching imagination to reality, will to morality.

Maybe Buhari is simply ravaged by guilt and not the virulent hubris that incapacitated his predecessors in power. If he feels guilt, let’s hope he knows that, guilt too could be a facet of hubris.

To understand, we have to journey with him through crevices of his redemptive vision, into the social and economic realms of humane good wishes, where the misjudged visionary is often beset by doubt, anxiety and guilt.

There is no gainsaying the PDP personified horrors of ineptness, corruption, infantile hostility, social and economic crimes, but is Buhari’s APC any better? This is discussion fit for another day.

Recently, Buhari launched his campaign for a second term in power, professing his wish to take Nigeria to the ‘Next Level.’

This, sadly, offers too little in terms of conviction, hope and passion for actual positive change as marketed via his ‘Change’ mantra. What really is the ‘Next Level?’ Perhaps the incumbent president should be given the benefit of doubt and accorded the opportunity to actualise his campaign beyond the precepts of stereotypes and pseudo-reality.

Is he consciously set to do that, or is his second term bid yet another act made for Nigeria’s political theatre?

The audience is crucial to the politician’s performance in contemporary politics. Thus in search for applause, the politician stages pseudo-events and declarations, often orchestrated by publicists, political mercenaries, with intent to appear real. The unmasking of a stereotype and pseudo-reality, however, destroys its foundations and credibility.

Such is the task required of the citizenry as Nigeria prepares for the 2019 general elections. An electorate that cannot distinguish between fiction and reality, will forever interpret reality through illusion.

It’s about time we disregarded random facts or obscure bits of data and trivia used to sanctify illusion and give it authenticity.

If Camp Buhari will continually project him as the candidate to beat, let them establish their claims with verifiable facts and data – the type that are amenable to and truly reflective in the lives of the people.

Come 2019, Nigeria deserves a President, among other public officers, who is inured to the shift in values from humaneness to humour, fixed morality to the artifice of presentation.

In that candidate subsists, the old political culture, that, values thrift and hard work, integrity and culture above charm, fascination and likeability.

Is that candidate Buhari? If he isn’t, its about time we sought him out, far from the propaganda of ‘remarkable firsts,’ happy thoughts, ethno-religious sentiments, and fickle truths, lest we become part of the chorus, or the loser that fades on our bankrupt reality show.

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